Sometimes, no matter what you do, your lawn no longer responds to conventional treatments. Weeds may have completely taken over, or patches have developed over time (particularly if you have a garden swing or climbing frame), or building work may have meant the lawn has been covered for some time. If this is the case, you may require a new lawn.

Steve’s Garden Service can provide you with expert advice on re-turfing your lawn, whether it’s only one section, or the entire lawn.  

Although we tend to recommend exploring our lawn maintenance services before deciding to re-turf, sometimes it is obvious that only re-turfing.

If that is the case, you are in safe hands as the service will include:

Site clearance

All existing grass and garden waste is cleared from the area to be turfed. Soil preparation: either by rotovating or digging through, we loosen and flatten the soil bed to ensure the turf ‘takes’, much in the same way you would prepare soil when planting new flowers.


The actual turfing process. We use only the highest quality turf.


Once the turf is laid, you may wish to reposition your flower beds. We can cut these out of the newly turfed area, ensuring a clean and professional finish.


Crucial for helping the new turf get established and begin to grow naturally. Lawn cutting: after approximately four weeks, your new lawn should be ready for its first cut.

These steps are all included as part of our lawn-turfing services, and there are two types available:

New lawns

Ideal either for new builds, after builders have completed a renovation, or where no grass existed before. We will complete the entire process, from preparing and levelling the ground through to the lawn’s first cut.


If your lawn, or a part of it, needs replacing, we will begin by digging out the old grass and then follow the steps listed above. Whatever your situation, request our lawn-turfing service and Steve’s Garden Services will be happy to cast an expert eye over your lawn for a free estimate.