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Pressure Washing


You may have found that over time, brick, paving, and other surface materials develop layers of moss and garden residue. In addition to looking untidy, this can also be slippery when wet and constitute a serious hazard.
Steve’s Garden Services offers a professional jet washing service for your driveway, patio, decking and garden paths.Jet washing, or pressure washing, is the only effective solution for a fully clean surface. We offer several services: Driveway cleaning: jet washing to ensure a safer, more secure driveway.
Patio/deck washing: you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your surface will appear after being pressure washed. Often, dirt accumulates so slowly that homeowners do not realise just how much residue is covering their patio or decking. Garden path cleaning: not only will your path look nicer, it will also be much safer after being pressure washed. This is particularly important for homes with children and/or elderly occupants. Brickwork and walls: pressure washing helps remove green moss residue from those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in the brickwork. Gates, flower pots, stairs, steps and many more: Jet washing achieves a level of cleanliness impossible to attain via conventional methods, and the results are often startling.In order to deliver an efficient and effective pressure wash, we require access to a tap with reasonable water pressure, a power point, and information about drainage to ensure the water can flow away from the site. For many customers, what starts as a one-off pressure clean becomes a crucial part of regular, scheduled maintenance. Let Steve’s Garden Services show you just how much difference pressure washing can make!